Prusa MK4 3D Printer Dubai
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Prusa MK4 3D Printer

  • Prusa MK4 3D Printer 3D Printer
  • Build Volume 250x210x220mm
  • Print Speed Up to 600 mm/s
  • Hotend Max Temp 290 °C
  • Build Plate Max Temp 120 °C
  • Automatic, Mesh Bed Leveling
  • 3.5" Removable Touch Screen Controller
  • PEl Magnetic Spring Steel Printing bed
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Prusa MK4 3D Printer

For anyone familiar with the world of 3D printing over the past decade, the distinctive silhouette and color scheme of the Prusa Mk4 are unmistakable. Prusa Research has been a cornerstone of the open-source 3D printing community, with their iconic black-and-orange machines embodying both exceptional print quality and a strong sense of camaraderie among enthusiasts.

While the Mk4 maintains the familiar shape and aesthetic of its predecessor, the Mk3, it represents a significant evolution with numerous refinements. One notable improvement is the utilization of thicker aluminum in the frame, enhancing stability to accommodate the higher speeds at which these printers now operate. This upgrade ensures smoother printing experiences, even when pushing the boundaries of speed and precision.

The introduction of the Nextruder system marks another notable enhancement in the Mk4. This innovative dual-gear extruder mechanism provides precise control over filament flow, particularly advantageous when working with flexible materials like TPU. By effectively managing the behavior of bendy filaments, the Nextruder system ensures consistent and reliable prints, even with challenging materials.

Furthermore, the Mk4 introduces a convenient swappable nozzle system, allowing users to effortlessly interchange nozzles of varying sizes. This versatility enables users to tailor their prints to specific requirements, using smaller nozzles for intricate details and larger nozzles for robust structural components. With a simple hand-tight screw mechanism, nozzle changes are quick and hassle-free, maximizing efficiency and flexibility in printing workflows.

Despite its outward similarities, the Mk4 represents a comprehensive overhaul compared to its predecessor, the Mk3. Virtually every aspect has been meticulously upgraded and optimized for improved performance and user experience. While there may be upgrade kits available for transitioning a Mk3S+ to a Mk4, the extensive changes and associated costs make investing in a new Mk4 a more practical option. Additionally, repurposing the Mk3 for other projects or donating it to educational institutions ensures its continued utility and contribution to the 3D printing community.

In summary, the Prusa Mk4 epitomizes the ongoing pursuit of excellence in 3D printing technology. With its combination of refined design, enhanced features, and user-friendly innovations, the Mk4 sets a new standard for quality and performance in the industry. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of 3D printing, the Mk4 offers an unparalleled platform for unleashing your creativity and bringing your ideas to life with precision and reliability.

In the ever-evolving world of 3D printing, the Prusa MK4 emerges as a pioneer, redefining the boundaries of what is possible. With cutting-edge features and unparalleled performance, this next-generation 3D printer is set to revolutionize the way we create.

Desing and dimmentions 

In the realm of design and fabrication, efficiency and precision are paramount. Our 3D printers offer a swift and cost-effective solution to produce sophisticated models with intricate detail, liberating your skilled designers from laborious tasks and unleashing their creativity.

Explore firsthand the transformative impact of our 3D printers by delving into videos and articles showcasing leading designers and artists leveraging our technology in their work. Witness how these innovators harness the capabilities of our machines to realize their visions with unprecedented precision and finesse.

Compact yet powerful, our printers boast dimensions of 500×550×400 mm and weigh a mere 7 kg, making them versatile companions for any workspace. Whether you're a seasoned professional or an aspiring creator, our printers provide the tools you need to bring your ideas to life with ease and efficiency.

Join the ranks of visionary designers and artists who are revolutionizing their industries with our 3D printers. Experience the future of fabrication today.

Print quality

Prepare to embark on a new level of printing precision and quality with the Prusa MK4. Boasting redesigned, sturdier plastic components and featuring state-of-the-art 0.9° stepper motors on the X and Y axes, each step is a testament to unparalleled accuracy. Say goodbye to Vertical Fine Artifacts as these motors, with their low inductance, ensure smooth and flawless prints, elevating the quality to new heights. But the improvements don't stop there. The Z-axis is reinforced with thicker 10mm rods, enhancing stability and reducing any potential for wobble during the printing process. The culmination of these enhancements is evident in the exceptional print quality achieved with the MK4. Even notoriously tricky filaments like Flex are effortlessly handled, resulting in flawless prints every time. Experience the satisfaction of flawless prints and the versatility to explore a wide range of materials with the Prusa MK4. It's not just a printer; it's a gateway to limitless creativity and precision in 3D printing.

Prusa Mk4 Control Panel 

MK4’s Controller supports G-code thumbnails, QR codes and other elements that make using the printer easier. We also redesigned many of the existing menus and added a customizable footer panel. Directly under the LCD, there is an RGB status bar to signalize the current status of the printer. Next to the LCD, there’s a USB-A port for standard USB flash drives.

Blazing Speeds

At the heart of the Prusa MK4 lies its exceptional printing speed. With a remarkable speed of 600mm/s, it sets a new standard for rapid prototyping and production. Whether you're a hobbyist exploring your creative boundaries or a professional seeking efficiency in your workflow, the MK4's impressive speed ensures that your ideas come to life faster than ever before.

Unrivaled Temperature Control

The MK4 boasts a maximum hot end temperature of 290°C, allowing for seamless printing with a wide range of materials, including PLA, PETG, ABS, ASA, Flex, HIPS, PA, PVA, PC, PP, and CPE. This versatility empowers users to tackle diverse projects with ease, from intricate models to functional prototypes.

Precision Engineering

Equipped with a maximum build plate temperature of 120°C and an automatic mesh bed leveling system, the MK4 ensures precise, consistent prints with every use. Say goodbye to tedious manual leveling processes and hello to effortless, accurate prints. Whether you're working on a small-scale project or a large-scale production run, the MK4 delivers unparalleled precision and reliability.

State-of-the-Art Electronics

The Prusa MK4 features a custom 32-bit xBuddy electronics mainboard with STM32 technology, ensuring smooth operation and exceptional performance. With advanced features and intelligent algorithms, the MK4 provides a seamless printing experience, allowing users to focus on unleashing their creativity without worrying about technical complexities.

Expansive Build Volume

With a build volume of 250x210x220mm, the MK4 offers ample space to bring your ideas to life. Whether you're printing intricate models or large-scale prototypes, the MK4 provides the flexibility and freedom to explore new possibilities.

User-Friendly Interface

The MK4 comes equipped with an intuitive interface, making it easy for users of all skill levels to navigate and operate the printer. With a user-friendly design and streamlined workflow, the MK4 ensures a hassle-free printing experience from start to finish.

Elevate Your Creativity with the Prusa MK4

Innovation knows no bounds with the Prusa MK4 3D Printer. With its unparalleled speed, precision, and versatility, the MK4 empowers users to push the boundaries of what's possible and bring their ideas to life with unmatched efficiency and ease. Whether you're a hobbyist, entrepreneur, or industry professional, the MK4 is the ultimate tool to elevate your creativity and unlock new possibilities in 3D printing.

package includes:

  • Original Prusa MK4 Assembled 3D printer
  • Double-sided Smooth PEI Print Sheet
  • 1kg of Prusament PLA
  • 3D Printing Handbook
  • USB drive with sample prints (G-codes)
  • Toolset: Uni-wrench, 13-16 wrench, Philips screwdriver, Nose pliers, Allen and torx keys
  • Alcohol-saturated wipes, acupuncture needle
  • Spoolholder
  • Prusa lubricant for bearings
  • A pack of Haribo gummy bears
  • Manufacturing protocol
: 3DR0016
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Data sheet

Product Name
PRUSA MK4 3D Printer
500×550×400 mm
Printing Speed
Build volume
Max Nozzle Temp
Max Bed Temp
120 ℃
Supported Material
PLA, PETG, Flex, Nylon, ASA, PVA, PC, PP
Auto Bed Leveling
Automatic, Mesh Bed Leveling
Control Panel
3.5″ graphic 65k color screen Physical Buttom
Lan Port RJ45


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Prusa MK4 3D Printer

  • Prusa MK4 3D Printer 3D Printer
  • Build Volume 250x210x220mm
  • Print Speed Up to 600 mm/s
  • Hotend Max Temp 290 °C
  • Build Plate Max Temp 120 °C
  • Automatic, Mesh Bed Leveling
  • 3.5" Removable Touch Screen Controller
  • PEl Magnetic Spring Steel Printing bed

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