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3DMakerpro Seal Lite

  • 3DMakerpro Seal 3D Scanner
  • UP To 0.02mm Accuracy
  • Wide Scanning Range
  • Ideal for 10-300mm Objects
  • Light Source Blue light
  • Work distance 180-280mm
  • Single capture range 100x75mm
  • Frame rate 10fps
  • Resolution 0.07mm
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3DMakerpro Seal Lite 3D Scanner

Step into the forefront of innovation with the 3DMakerpro Seal Lite, a cutting-edge 3D scanning solution that redefines the boundaries of precision, versatility, and efficiency. Explore the unparalleled capabilities of this state-of-the-art scanner as we delve into its remarkable features and the transformative impact it brings to diverse industries.

Precision Redefined

Experience unmatched accuracy with the 3DMakerpro Seal Lite, boasting an extraordinary precision of up to 0.02mm. Discover how this unparalleled level of detail ensures that every contour, texture, and feature of scanned objects is faithfully reproduced with uncompromising fidelity, setting new standards for 3D scanning precision.

Versatility Unleashed

From small-scale components to large structures, the Seal Lite's wide scanning range caters to objects ranging from 10mm to 300mm in size, offering unparalleled versatility for a myriad of scanning applications. Learn how this expansive capability empowers users to tackle diverse projects with ease, opening up new possibilities for creativity and innovation.

Reliability in Every Scan

Powered by a blue light source renowned for its reliability and accuracy, the Seal Lite delivers consistent and high-quality results in any scanning environment. Explore how this advanced technology ensures exceptional performance, allowing users to capture intricate details with confidence and precision.

Optimized Workflow

Efficiency is at the forefront of the Seal Lite's design, with features engineered to streamline the scanning process and maximize productivity. Discover how its flexible work distance, ranging from 180mm to 280mm, provides optimal scanning conditions without compromise, while its single capture range of 100x75mm enables efficient scanning of individual objects or specific areas with pinpoint accuracy.

Seamless Performance

With a smooth frame rate of 10fps, the Seal Lite offers seamless and uninterrupted scanning sessions, minimizing downtime and ensuring a fluid user experience. Learn how this consistent performance enhances workflow efficiency, allowing users to focus on their projects without interruption.

Unrivaled Detail

Experience the pinnacle of resolution with the Seal Lite's astonishing 0.07mm resolution, ensuring that even the finest nuances of scanned objects are faithfully reproduced in stunning clarity. Explore how this level of detail elevates the quality of 3D models to unprecedented heights, setting new standards for realism and accuracy.

Made for Seamless Scanning

Unveiling the next level in scanning efficiency, where ease meets precision. While hardware lays the groundwork, it's the software that truly defines the experience. Introducing JMStudio, our proprietary software meticulously refined over years of iterative development to offer unparalleled scanning and editing capabilities. 

JMStudio isn't just about functionality; it's about breaking barriers. With support for 8 languages, it ensures inclusivity and accessibility across borders. Plus, with lifetime free OTA updates, you're always at the forefront of innovation. Step into a world where scanning is effortless, precise, and tailored to your needs—JMStudio leads the way.

Illuminate Your Scans with Brilliance

Step into the shadows with confidence as our 3DMakerpro Seal Lite shines bright even in the darkest environments. With its 9-level light adjustment feature, versatility meets precision, allowing you to capture stunning scans across a spectrum of colors, materials, and lighting conditions.

Whether you're working with intricate details, diverse materials, or challenging lighting scenarios, the Seal Lite's adjustable lighting ensures optimal visibility and clarity. From subtle nuances to bold contrasts, every scan is imbued with brilliance, enabling you to unleash your creativity without limitations.

Experience the power of adaptive illumination and elevate your scanning capabilities to new heights with the 3DMakerpro Seal Lite. Illuminate your scans with brilliance and discover a world of possibilities in the darkness.


In industries ranging from manufacturing and engineering to art and design, the 3DMakerpro Seal Lite stands as a beacon of innovation, offering unmatched precision, versatility, and efficiency in 3D scanning technology. Embrace the future of scanning and unlock a world of endless possibilities with the Seal Lite by your side.

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Data sheet

Product Name
3DMakerpro Seal Lite
Scan Accuracy
Color 3D Scan
Mono textures
Working distance
Output format
Scan Speed
100,000 Points/s
Maximum FOV
Light Source
Blue light
Align Modes
Ai Alignment
System Requirements
i7 8th, 16GB RAM, 1060 GPU with 4GB VRAM


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3DMakerpro Seal Lite

  • 3DMakerpro Seal 3D Scanner
  • UP To 0.02mm Accuracy
  • Wide Scanning Range
  • Ideal for 10-300mm Objects
  • Light Source Blue light
  • Work distance 180-280mm
  • Single capture range 100x75mm
  • Frame rate 10fps
  • Resolution 0.07mm

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