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Creality Sermoon D3

  • CREALITY Sermoon D3
  • Build Volume 300*250*300mm
  • Print Speed Up to 250 mm/s
  • Hotend Max Temp 300 °C
  • Build Plate Max Temp 110 °C
  • Automatic Levelling With CR-Touch Sensor
  • 4.3" Removable Touch Screen Controller
  • Layer Height 0.1-0.4mm
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Creality's Sermoon D3

In the ever-evolving landscape of 3D printing, Creality introduces the Sermoon D3 is a revolutionary solution designed to cater to the needs of small businesses and professional users alike. Developed collaboratively with a focus on enhancing efficiency and success rates in 3D printing endeavors, the Sermoon D3 represents a paradigm shift towards accessibility and performance without compromising affordability.

Breaking Through Traditional Barriers

Traditionally, businesses have faced daunting challenges such as high costs, material wastage, and lengthy development cycles due to molding failures. The Sermoon D3 transcends these barriers by streamlining operations, reducing production time, and minimizing material limitations, thus empowering businesses to realize their creative vision with unparalleled ease.

Unrivaled Versatility

In partnership with Forward AM's Additive Manufacturing Technical Centre (AMTC), Creality has meticulously curated 14 filaments tailored to the Sermoon D3's specifications. From standard PLA to high-strength ABS and wear-resistant PET-CF, the Sermoon D3 offers limitless possibilities, ensuring unmatched versatility to cater to diverse printing needs with precision and reliability.

Precision Engineering at its Finest

At the heart of the Sermoon D3 lies a meticulously engineered XY-axis gantry system, CNC machined with precision to ensure seamless operation with minimal deviation. Complemented by timing belts, pulleys, and high-torque motors, the Sermoon D3 delivers exceptional accuracy and reliability, setting new standards in precision engineering.

Industrial-Grade Stability and Durability

Crafted with a robust frame featuring thick metal plates and aerospace aluminum profiles, the Sermoon D3 epitomizes industrial-grade stability and durability. Stainless steel linear shafts across all axes withstand the rigors of continuous operation, ensuring consistent performance even in the most demanding environments.

Ensuring Dependable Extrusion: Withstanding 300℃ Temperature

Experience Unmatched Extrusion Performance: The "Sprite" Dual-Gear Direct Drive Extruder boasts robust extrusion and retraction force, ensuring consistent and reliable printing. Its inner-polished copper alloy nozzle and bi-metal heat break seamlessly withstand high temperatures for extended periods, minimizing heat creep. Additionally, equipped with two large 5015 cooling fans, the extruder ensures efficient heat dissipation, further enhancing print quality and reliability

Crafted for Impeccable Precision: Minimizing Mechanical Errors

Experience Seamless Precision: The integrated XY axis gantry system undergoes CNC machining with an exceptional 0.01mm precision, ensuring a flawless fit. Enhanced by high-torque motors and durable timing belts and pulleys, mechanical errors are minimized, and accuracy is maximized, delivering impeccable results with every print

Exceptional Stability for Industrial Demands

Built with a sturdy frame comprising thick metal plates and reinforced by four vertical aerospace aluminum profiles, the printer guarantees durability and stability. Stainless steel linear shafts with a hardness of 60HRC support the X, Y, and Z axes, effectively mitigating inertia forces from the moving printing head.

Efficiency and Speed Redefined

Equipped with Sprite, a dual gear direct drive extruder, and a bi-metal heat break, the Sermoon D3 defies high temperatures up to 300°C with ease. Combined with large 5015 cooling fans, the Sermoon D3 achieves delicate prints with 0.1mm accuracy effortlessly. Moreover, advanced stepper motor driver chips enable printing speeds up to five times faster than conventional models, revolutionizing the pace of production

Reduced Cracking with Enclosed Heating

With the heat bed adjustable up to 110°C, complemented by the heat-retaining enclosure, the printer creates a uniform and warm environment. This eliminates ambient airflow, resulting in reduced cracking and minimized edge curling for superior print quality.

Seamless Connectivity and Control

Embrace the future of printing with the Sermoon D3's remote printing capabilities via the Creality Print software or Cloud App. Monitor progress in real-time with the built-in webcam and optimize workflow efficiency. Scale up operations with multi-printing capabilities, enabling batch printing and rapid production without compromising quality.

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Data sheet

Product Name
Printing Speed
Build volume
Max Nozzle Temp
Max Bed Temp
110 ℃
Supported Material
Layer Thickness
Auto Bed Leveling
CR-Touch Auto Leveling
Control Panel
4.3" Touch Controller
Lan Port RJ45
Air Purifier
2 Built-in HEPA air filters
Monitoring Camera
Built-in 1080P HD Camera


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Creality Sermoon D3

  • CREALITY Sermoon D3
  • Build Volume 300*250*300mm
  • Print Speed Up to 250 mm/s
  • Hotend Max Temp 300 °C
  • Build Plate Max Temp 110 °C
  • Automatic Levelling With CR-Touch Sensor
  • 4.3" Removable Touch Screen Controller
  • Layer Height 0.1-0.4mm

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